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Our Pattaya store has closed for now. We are currently looking at venues in Bangkok. For now the only thing we’re selling is on our merch page. Regards and much love, Kanchana.

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How to Find us Inside Royal Garden Plaza

High Grade Cultivars Grown Locally

Accessories, Merch, Edibles

Authentic Thai Landraces

Showcasing Thailand's Local Farmers

Welcome to Kanchana, your local neighborhood dispensary located right off Beach Road on the 1st Floor of Royal Garden Plaza in beautiful Pattaya, Thailand. Our adult use retail facility offers convenient access to the highest quality organic cannabis, cannabis-infused products, accessories, and services for customers 20 years and older. At Kanchana, we pride ourselves on customer-focused experience. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are trained to listen, understand, educate, and advise customers who are visiting our store. They will do their best to ensure that each “experience” is positive and personal.

Get in Touch With Us

Shoot us an email if you're interested in showcasing your farm and opening it up to the world. Open to collabs as well.

Current Premium Strains

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