Established in 2022

“Kanchana”, by Siam Standard Flower Co., is a mission oriented company founded in 2022 with the goal of providing consistent, high-quality cannabis to tourists and locals of Thailand in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Our products are organically produced and lab tested for safety, potency, and consistency. Products offered to customers include, but are not limited to the following: Flowers, Tinctures, Oils, Salves, Merchandise, and various edible and beverage options. Kanchana uses local farms to ensure to showcase to the world what Thailand can offer to the cannabis industry.

Kanchana pride ourselves on cultivating premium quality cannabis. We are a compassionate team that believe this goal can only be accomplished through a caring, trusting, and knowledgeable approach. Our friendly English speaking, highly educated staff are always available to help you understand how cannabis works on many levels and work to point you towards the best strain for you. A true premium boutique cannabis shop free from harm, judgement, and prejudice.


To showcase Thailand's amazing farmers and local cannabis culture


Unite East and West through the rich history of cannabis in Thailand by taking the best cannabis crops Thailand has to offer and providing a tourist experience that will last a lifetime


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